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Payroll Setup

These are the steps to take in order to setup payroll from scratch and within QuickBooks Online.

These steps assume you've already applied for a federal employer ID number (FEIN).  If not, you can do so here.

My fee to assist with setup is usually $350. I will walk through the setup with you, first payroll run and a subsequent follow up to make sure things are running smoothly. 

Apply for a state ID

  1. Enroll in EDD's E-services for Business (click here)

  2. They'll give you a number within a day (usually within a few minutes). Log back in to check.

  3. Upload to my portal


Employee New Hire Forms: Fill out & keep on file

  1. Payroll Checklist (will help you during setup)

  2. Direct Deposit form 

  3. W-4 Form

  4. DE-4 Form California

  5. I-9 Form

    1. Employee fills out top half

    2. Keep a copy of their ID(s) on file with this form per the schedule in the instructions

    3. Employer fills out middle

    4. Both must sign


Add Payroll to QBO and follow their steps for setup

  1. In QBO, go to the gear icon (top right)

  2. Go to Subscriptions & Billing

  3. Add Payroll (click button & follow steps)

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