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Rates & Dates

Mileage Rates


  Business: 56 cents per mile

  Medical: 16 cents per mile

  Charitable: 14 cents per mile


  Business: 58.5 cents per mile

  Medical: 18 cents per mile

  Charitable: 14 cents per mile

IRA Max Contribution for 2021

$6,000 ($7,000 if you're 50 or older)

Contributions can be made up to 4/18/22 to be applied to your 2021 tax return

Due Dates

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Pay Estimated Tax

If you do not have a paycheck with tax withholding, or didn't have enough withheld, you can pay estimated tax directly to the tax authorities.

Click these links to go to pay online.

IRS DirectPay

California WebPay


Tax Tips 2021

$300 in cash donations per taxpayer for folks who are not itemizing ($600 for joint)


Purchase energy efficient property and electric vehicles

Contribute to an IRA or qualified plan by 4/18/22

Gardening Together

Change your Withholdings

Fill out a new W-4 to change how much tax is taken out of your paycheck.

You can fill this out and turn it in to your employer anytime and especially if your life situation changes. It's recommended to fill out a new one each year.  Please call if you need assistance with how to fill it out.


File Tax Returns

Please schedule a time to chat with me if you'd like to have us file your tax returns or check out our rates.

Some helpful info:

The federal standard deduction for 2021 is:

$12,550 Single

$18,800 Head of Household

$25,100 Married filing jointly

add $1,350 if over age 65 or blind ($1,700 if using single or head of household filing status)

Many states provide free e-file service if you meet the qualifications. 

California CalFile - File your tax return for free

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